School Profile

MISSION   Newark Catholic High School is committed to offering students an environment for growing in their Catholic Faith, expanding their knowledge and extending their talents in service to others. Rich in tradition, yet sensitive to change, Newark Catholic High School is devoted to educating its students to become sensitive, capable, responsible members of their families, church, community, nation and world.


COMMUNITY    Newark Catholic High School, one of eleven high schools in the Diocese of Columbus, is located in Newark, Ohio. Newark, a city of 49,000 people, serves as the county seat of Licking County. Newark Catholic serves a wide ranging socio-economic population from both Licking and Knox counties and from both Catholic and non-Catholic backgrounds.


ENROLLMENT     Total enrollment – 255 ( 2011-12 )

                            9th grade – 62     10th grade – 79     11th grade – 52     12th grade – 62


PROFESSIONAL STAFF    The professional staff of Newark Catholic High School is composed of a principal, 3 guidance counselors, 19 teachers and a technical coordinator. Approximately 75% of the faculty hold advanced degrees and have an average of 16 years teaching experience.


ACCREDITATION   Newark Catholic High School is a four-year, comprehensive, co-educational high school fully accredited and chartered by the State of Ohio Department of Education, the Diocese of Columbus, and the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association.


GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS     Successful completion of 24 credits is required for graduation:

4 units – English           3 units – Mathematics            1 unit – Health/Physical Education

4 units – Religion          3 units – Science                   2 units – Foreign Language (recommended)

1 unit – Fine Arts          3 units – Social Studies        1/2 unit – Keyboarding


Each student’s electives shall include at least one unit, or two half-units, chosen from among the areas of business/technology, fine arts, and/or foreign language.



Letter               A        A-        B+       B       B-        C+      C       C-      D+       D        D-        F

Grade Point     4.0     3.7      3.5      3.2     3.0      2.7     2.3     2.0     1.7     1.3      1.0      0.0


GRADE POINT / CLASS RANK   Each student’s grade point average is computed at the end of the grading period. Courses are weighted, according to credit value, to determine G.P.A. for the year. Therefore, one credit courses carry a value of 1, half-credit courses carry a value of .5, etc.

Class rank is determined at the end of the school year for grades 9, 10 and 11 (based on a 4 decimal G.P.A.), and at the end of the semester, third quarter and end of the school year for grade 12 (based on a 2 decimal G.P.A.).


SPECIAL PROGRAMS   Up to five years of lab science and mathematics as well as four years of Latin and five years of Spanish are available for college-bound students.  Qualified students may take college courses while in high school through the post-secondary program at the Newark campus of OSU or COTC, with acceptance based on high school grades, class rank, and standardized test scores. College credit is available in Spanish and Chemistry to juniors and seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA through the Dual Enrollment Program with Ohio Dominican University. Opportunities are available for Advanced Placement credit from the College Board in Calculus and Senior English, and five honors courses are currently offered.  Juniors and seniors who meet Newark Catholic’s graduation requirements may take courses at the Career and Technology Education Center (C-TEC) while remaining students at Newark Catholic.


STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES   Class of 2012 (CEEB Code: 363633)








Mean Scores












Tested: 42














CAMPUS MINISTRY    “Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes, the model of its faculty, the inspiration of its students.”


The three key dimensions in the process of building our faith community at Newark Catholic are theology, spirituality and service.

  • Theology – teaching the importance of learning about God and the things of God
  • Spirituality – Nurturing the experience and expression of an interpersonal relationship with God through liturgy, retreats, and prayer.
  • Service – promoting the loving response to others’ needs. A variety of service opportunities are provided for our students. Food and clothing drives are part of the school year service. An annual “St. Joseph the Worker” all-school community service day is held every spring.