Every day, year after year, we are inspired by the young men and women who walk through our doors. The promise and the potential we see in them call us all to make Newark Catholic High School the best it can be.


As the actual cost to educate our students continues to rise, we work hard to keep tuition affordable, while providing the very best academic programs. And with your help we can ensure the excellence, longevity and transformative power of a Newark Catholic education.


Your $24 gift will help make all of this possible. Please help us reach our goal of $24,000 with your generous donation, anytime on or before October 24.


The beloved Dominican Sisters and founders of Newark Catholic High School understood that our gifts from God are to be shared, which is why charitable works have always played an essential role in student life.


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It’s time to unleash that competitive spirit and stir up some healthy class rivalry!


We are challenging all alums to make giving back a part of who you are AND GIVE $24 EACH!


This is an opportunity for you and your class to show a little spirit – or maybe a lot! All gifts to The Day of Giving support the Newark Catholic operating budget and tuition reduction, providing new generations of students with access to the opportunities and experiences that Newark Catholic gave you. Every gift matters, no matter the amount!


The alumni class with the highest participation percentage in the Alumni Class Challenge will be recognized via social media and the Wave Watch as the Most Spirited Alumni Class of 2016!