Posted on Oct 26, 2015

24 Pledge-A-Thon results!

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The Pledge-A-Thon was a huge success…not only measured by the actual dollars pledged, but more importantly by the generosity of each and every person who contributed time, money and talent to this fundraiser.


Special thanks go out to Mr. Barry Winters and Mrs. Joan Franks at Park National Bank for allowing us to use their offices and phones to make calls on Saturday. Also thanks to the Class of 1959 for your generous donation of $660. Your kindness is truly appreciated!


We ended up short of our goal with donations totaling $8937.00. But in the process so much more was gained. The students who participated in the calls gained much needed experience and learned valuable lessons. The generosity of our NC Alum shined through. Mark you calendars, as this is an annual fundraiser October 24 every year.


Fun Facts:
# of donations:Total 193 = 93 Online;100 Mailed/Phone/In-Person
Largest Class Donation:$660 – Class of 1959
# of calls made:679 Calls
# of students participating:Total of 56 Students (15 Volleyball players, 34 Football players, and 7 other NC Students)
Total Minutes on Phone:8 Hours and 24 minutes
Largest Donation:500 (4 Alum)
Smallest Donation:$5