Posted on Aug 06, 2020


It is with gratitude to our Task Force, that we release to you the Activation Plan for reopening this fall. Please review this with your student and feel free to contact Miss Hill with any questions or concerns. This is a living document, subject to change at any time. 
We will continue communication through our Wednesday Wave as the year progresses. We are excited to see our students as they come to campus in just a few short weeks.
The intent of the Activation Plan is that it:
1) Prioritizes the safety of the student, teachers, staff, and guests at all times. While on the Newark Catholic campus, students and faculty/staff will follow all safety guidelines during class time, the time between classes; before and after school;
2) Prioritizes that facilities must be cleaned and sanitized on a scheduled basis;
3) Provides procedures that require face masks be worn on the school campus, and three to six feet physical distancing will be practiced throughout the day;
4) Builds a community that comes together to celebrate and grow in our faith.
5) Has students attend school in-person every day on the campus of Newark Catholic High School;
6) Recognizes that the school day supports family life and students need to be in school and engaged in learning;
7) Uses all resources, facilities, and personnel to their fullest;
8) Allows for teaching and learning to continue should school be closed for extended emergencies or calamities.
Newark Catholic will continue to build plans that foster a safe and healthy school community before, during, and after possible emergencies. We will continue to abide by and follow all recommendations set by the State of Ohio, local health officials, and the Diocese of Columbus.
It is imperative that all students, staff, families, and volunteers understand that at any point, an event or incident which could cause physical harm, serious physical harm, or even death, the safety and wellbeing of all involved supersedes the COVID-19 recommendations and protocols.