Campus Ministry

Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen but ever-present teacher in its classes, the model of its faculty, the inspiration of its students.

Retreats offer our students opportunities to express their faith, to learn more about themselves, and to experience different forms of prayer.

Retreats add another dimension to complement our Theology academic program. All Newark Catholic students participate in at least one retreat experience per year, with the Kairos Retreat being an additional option for select Juniors and all Seniors. As well retreat opportunities through Damascus Mission camps and area parishes are communicated.

The three key dimensions in the process of building our faith community at Newark Catholic are Theology, Spirituality, and Service.

  • Theology – teaching the importance of learning about God and the things of God
  • Spirituality – nurturing the experience and expression of an interpersonal relationship with God through liturgy, retreats, and prayer
  • Service – promoting the loving response to others’ needs

A variety of service opportunities are provided for our students, including food and clothing drives and an annual “St. Joseph the Worker” all-school community service day held every spring.

See the Campus Ministry Schedule for a listing of the currently planned events for this school year.

Christ gives us the strength to boldly proclaim Him and His Church in all that we do. If we uphold that mission, united in His love, there is nothing that Newark Catholic cannot accomplish.

St. Catherine of Siena, patron saint of our chapel, Doctor of the Church, and lay member of the Dominican Order has always been near and dear to Newark Catholic. It is in her writings and her life that we find our inspiration for our theme this year. Catherine wrote often about weakness and strength. She encouraged many in her letters to remain strong. The strength she refers to does not come from within, as a power one can simply summon by sheer will. The strength she references is found in Jesus Christ and His Cross: “…that same Cross, by God’s boundless goodness, makes us wholly strong, freed from all weakness and instability.” (Letter to Sano di Maco, T142, 1:76) When we need the strength to endure, we must go to the source.

Catherine exemplified the selfless love of a life lived for others. Catherine demonstrated the love of God in both subtle and monumental ways. Whether it was caring for the sick and dying in Siena or challenging the Pope to return to Rome during the Avignon Captivity, Catherine knew we are united in Christ in our service to others. We are not Christians simply for ourselves, but for others. Inspired by St. Catherine of Siena, our theme this year is “Stronger Together.” Christ gives us the strength to boldly proclaim Him and His Church in all that we do. If we uphold that mission, united in His love, there is nothing that Newark Catholic cannot accomplish. May we be Stronger Together this school year, bring about the Kingdom of God.


Kairos is a student-led, adult-supervised retreat held over the course of four days at St. Peter and Paul’s retreat center in Newark. It is open to select juniors and all seniors.

Kairos is the Greek word for the right or opportune moment, but has also come to mean “God’s Time.” Kairos at Newark Catholic is about taking time out for God, leaving the world to grow in faith and friendship with the Lord and each other.

Kairos is one of the highlights of the school year for upperclassmen and is a tradition that continues to grow.

St. Joseph the worker day

Every first Friday in May, in honor of the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, the NC student body goes throughout the community to serve those in need. This day, in addition to many service opportunities throughout the year, demonstrates the dignity of our work and the model that St. Joseph is for all of us. Diligent in work, obedience and love for his family, St. Joseph exemplifies how to properly serve. Whether it is assisting at St. Vincent DePaul’s Thrift Store or cleaning headstones at Mount Calvary Cemetery or working with a variety of community partners, we take the call to serve others with love seriously at Newark Catholic.

Catholic Schools Week

National Catholic Schools Week is traditionally in late January into early February. It is a celebration of our faith and in union with Catholic schools all over the country, a testament to the blessing and joy that is Catholic education. Students can participate in themed jeans days as well as our annual student-teacher volleyball game.

May Crowning

May is the month dedicated to the Blessed Mother and we commemorate that with the traditional crowning of our Mary statues around campus. We are blessed to be surrounded by images of Our Lady who through her witness and intercession, draws us closer to her Son every day. Led by the students, May crowning is an amazing way to dedicate or re-dedicate oneself to devotions to the Mother of God.