AP English IV

Outlines for Research Paper

March 9, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

Here is information to help you write your outlines for you research papers. All outlines must be typed, I do not want any handwritten outlines. As always, if you are not able to print your outline, you can email it to me. lbogner@nulllaca.org Outlines are due on Wednesday. Rough drafts are due on 3/20/15, the Friday before you leave for DC.


How to Outline– for sample and directions from me.


Purdue_How to Outline– this is VERY helpful!!! Open and take a look at it.

Research Paper Assignment

January 5, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

Here is the Research Paper assignment that is required of all seniors to complete. There are tentative dates listed in the document of when parts of the paper are due.Research_Paper_Introduction

Background Notes Unit 2

November 4, 2014   -- Ms. Bogner

Unit_2_Background for background presentation on Unit 2. This is the presentation that goes with your guided notes.

Chaucer/Chanterbury Notes- Presentation

October 14, 2014   -- Ms. Bogner


If you need to review notes from the presentation for your test here is the PowerPoint.


Literary Terms to Know

September 18, 2014   -- Ms. Bogner

Here is the LONG list of literary terms that we worked on defining in class. Let these words become part of your AP world. Learn them, memorize them, look for them always 🙂


Beowulf Rhetoric Activity

September 18, 2014   -- Ms. Bogner

If you somehow lost your copy or were absent on Thursday (9/18/14)


Background on A/S & Medieval Literature

September 18, 2014   -- Ms. Bogner

This presentation is over the background/history of A/S & Medieval Literature

Unit 1_Background

Welcome to AP English IV

August 18, 2014   -- admin

Welcome to the Classroom Connections blog for AP English IV !


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