English IV

Final Exam Review Sheet

May 11, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

You have almost made it! If you have to take the final exam, here is a review sheet for you to study from.

Good luck! Final Exam Review sheet

Outlines for Research Paper

March 9, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

Here is information to help you write your outlines for you research papers. All outlines must be typed, I do not want any handwritten outlines. As always, if you are not able to print your outline, you can email it to me. lbogner@nulllaca.org Outlines are due on Wednesday. Rough drafts are due on 3/20/15, the Friday before you leave for DC.


How to Outline– for sample and directions from me.


Purdue_How to Outline– this is VERY helpful!!! Open and take a look at it.

Gulliver’s Travels Project

February 5, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

You were assigned a project to complete over Gulliver’s Travels. Your project is due on Tuesday February 10th. I am not accepting late projects! Attached is the project sheet in case you “lost yours, the dog at it, or my book bag was abducted by aliens and I have no access to it” 🙂 Gulliver’s Travels_Movie_project

March for Lifers-Thursday 1/22/15

January 23, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

On Wednesday in class we discussed “An Academy for Women” by Daniel Defoe. He stood for educating women & allowing them to be active members for society. He advocated that they should know more that just how to write their name. Students worked on an activity that if you attended that March are excluded from.

Class on 1/21/15- March for Life Kiddos

January 21, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

Hi guys!

In class on Tuesday we finished reading the “Letter to My Son” on page 558. (This was the text talking about how some people were awkward, and had bad table manners).


We then read “Letter to Her Daughter” by Lady Mary Montagu. This letter focuses on women and their right to an education. You will need to read this on your own. Best_Advice_Writing_Assignment


Both of these letters focuses on advice given from parents to their children. We completed a writing assignment based off of this idea. It is included in this post. You will need to do this because it is for a grade. As homework Tuesday night, you are to read “An Academy for Women” (pages 577-581). If you read & understand, there will not be a quiz. If not, QUIZ! READ!

Semester Exam Review Sheet

January 6, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

English 12

You will get a copy of this in class, but in case you want to look over it and use your snow day to do a little studying, I have uploaded it for you. We will go over this, but let me know if you have any questions.

English 12 Review Sheet

Research Paper Assignment

January 5, 2015   -- Ms. Bogner

Here is the Research Paper assignment that is required of all seniors to complete. There are tentative dates listed in the document of when parts of the paper are due.Research_Paper_Introduction

Macbeth Study Guide

December 2, 2014   -- Ms. Bogner

Your Macbeth test will be on Thursday 12/4/14. Here is the study guide that goes along with it. Make sure that you know who said the quotes as those will be the ones that I use on your test. Macbeth Study Guide