Latin IV

Latin Vocabulary

August 21, 2014   -- Smith

If you lost your lists or didn’t get the words, links below have the vocab lists with English words.

Vocab List – Latin 1

Vocab List – Latin 2

Vocab List – Latin 3/4

Class Supplies

July 1, 2014   -- Smith

Supplies you will need this year for Latin class:

  • Notebook – 3-ring 1-1/2” minimum (dedicated to Latin materials only)
  • 5 tabbed dividers for the notebook
  • Loose-leaf paper (for notes and homework)
  • Bound 3-hole notebook for the journal – may be reused from previous year(s)
  • Pen or pencil every day of class

Recommended items:

  • Index cards / Flash-cards
  • Dry-erase marker
  • USB memory drive

Online Noun Declining

August 18, 2013   -- Smith

Here is an excellent way to practice your noun declensions.  Simply choose the declension to be given a new word, use TAB to move through the cases and click Check Answers for results.