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Christmas Programs from Blessed Sacrament & St. Francis DeSales

December 16, 2021
We are very blessed to be part of a school community filled with such joy and kindness. This week both Blessed Sacrament and St. Francis schools performed their annual Christmas programs for friends and family.
Watch Blessed Sacrament Christmas Program 
Watch St. Francis DeSales Christmas Program

Purchase Tickets for NC Sports Online Only

December 8, 2021

In order to align with the rest of the Licking County League, Newark Catholic is moving to Hometown Ticketing for all High School home events starting with Winter sports. All ticketing will now be purchased online through our website found here. 


There will be no cash sales at the door. Concessions will remain cash sales.


Super Booster passes will continue to be accepted and do not require electronic scanning/purchase. This will be the only way through the gate that is not electronic.


Anyone interested in purchasing a Super Booster for the winter season may do so by reaching out to Mr. Pickering at or someone in the NCAA.


Super Booster Rates:

Adult Super Booster – 85.00

Super Booster Couple – 150.00

Senior Booster – 50.00

Jr. Wave Booster – 25.00

Semester Exams Schedule – December 20, 21, 22, 2021

December 5, 2021




  1. Each exam counts for 20% of the semester grade, and 10% of the final grade. The 4-point grading scale based on the letter grade is used for calculation (NOT the percentages).

A 100-93 = 4.00

A- 92-90 = 3.70

B+ 89-87 = 3.50

B 86-83 = 3.20

B- 82-80 = 3.00

C+ 79-77 = 2.70

C 76-73 = 2.30

C- 72-70 = 2.00

D+ 69-67 = 1.70

D 66-63 = 1.30

D- 62-60 – 1.00 F below 60 = 0.00


  1. In order to pass a full-year course in which an exam is given, the student must pass at least one of the following: the second-semester exam OR the average of the third and fourth quarters.
  1. It is the student’s responsibility to know the exam schedule and be present at the proper times. Except in the case of illness, missed exam time may not be made up.
  1. Students must check the posted exam schedule for scheduling conflicts. If a conflict occurs, the student must see the subject teacher(s) in advance of exams beginning to resolve the conflict.
  1. If a student is ill during exams, the family must follow normal call-in procedures. When the student returns to school, it is their responsibility to schedule a make-up time with the teacher. This must be done immediately.
  1. The student is responsible to return all texts and equipment for Semester Courses before the exam is given. EXAMS MAY NOT BE GIVEN to a student until this occurs or monetary recompense is made.
  1. Students must remain in the classroom until the end of testing. Students should bring materials to study after they have finished the exam.
  1. The building will be open 15 minutes before the first exam (7:45 am) and the campus will close 15 minutes after the last exam (12:15 pm).
  1. Students may leave the building if all their exams are completed for the day. Students will not be permitted back in the building once they leave. Students who do not have the first exam of the day must report to school in time for the second exam period. Enter the building through the office doors after 8:00 am and report to the Gym until the exam period begins.
  1. Students may not congregate on NC property. Locker rooms are off-limits, and hallway lockers may not be accessed during the exam periods. Quiet must be maintained in the halls during testing.
  1. Between the first two exams, students on campus may 1) study individually and quietly in one of the designated classrooms, 2) get help from subject teachers for the next exam, or 3) stay in the Gym for group study time or just relaxing. Between the second and third exams, the individual quiet areas will not be available.
  1. Students are allowed to wear jeans (no cargo styles), sport shirts, sweats, and athletic shoes on exam days. Leggings are not permitted. Shirts are to have no offensive or suggestive writing on them. No torn or cut clothing is permitted. Hats and jackets are to be removed and kept at the front of the room with other personal items, including cell phones. Students violating these expectations will be sent home to change, and exams (or parts of exams) missed due to the dress code will not be made up. Please use good taste and common sense.
  2. Hot lunch and snack bar services are not available on exam days.
  3. All detentions must be served by the last day of the semester.
  4. Busing will occur at standard times during exam days but students will not be permitted to be inside the building to wait on their bus. is getting a fresh new look!

November 14, 2021

Coming Soon!


We’re are getting a fresh new look very soon! The new is designed to help current and prospective families navigate quickly to the information that is important to them.


Simply put, it’s an improved experience to make it easier to find what you want! Stay tuned for further updates as we get closer to launching the new and improved Newark Catholic High School website.


Giving Tuesday: Special Announcement Podcast

November 9, 2021


Newark Catholic High School Digital Communications class interviewed Mrs. Brooke Riggleman. They discuss the upcoming “Giving Tuesday” and make a special announcement. You can also watch other podcast on the Newark Catholic High School YouTube channel and if you subscribe and click the notification bell icon you will be notified when new videos are posted. Read further if you want to see the announcement without watching the podcast.





We are excited to share with you that we have a matching donor for our upcoming National Day of Giving, November 30th. The Newark Catholic Foundation has generously offered to match up to $15,000 in donations. We invite our community to get involved in this wonderful opportunity to give back where all proceeds are matched dollar for dollar. Your support helps keep tuition costs down and ensures the viability of programs at Newark Catholic. No amount is too small or large! The link for Giving Tuesday can be found here.


NCAA Men’s Stag – November 18, 2021

November 2, 2021
Need a ticket for the Men’s Stag? please contact Brandon Hess (740) 819-2673, or Clair Schell (740) 814-3913

Retreat Day 2021- Church on Fire Speaker

October 8, 2021

Newark Catholic students were blessed with Bart Schuchts, founder of Church on Fire, at this past week’s retreat.


Bart Schuchts has been associated with the John Paul II Healing Center since its inception. Bart has conducted over 200 life-transforming
events across the US. Bart has been in ministry across the body of Christ for over 30 years. Bart grew up in a Catholic home yet drifted away from God while in college. Following a desperate plea to God while sitting in an NFL locker room, Bart had a powerful encounter with the Father’s love that transformed his life forever.

Annual St. John Bosco Prayer Breakfast – October 21

October 4, 2021


Newark Catholic St. John Bosco Community Prayer Breakfast

The Newark Catholic St John Bosco 4th Annual Community Prayer Breakfast, Our Hope and Our Strength, will be held at Newark Catholic High School on Thursday, October 21, 2021.


Sister Maria Gemma will be the featured speaker on the topic Jesus, our Hope. Sister Maria Gemma is a graduate of Newark Catholic High School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in theology from Ohio Dominican University. After graduation from ODU, she entered the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in Mishawaka, IN, and professed her perpetual vows in 2014. Sister Maria Gemma has served in various ministries in the order, including serving as a high school theology teacher and vocation ministry. 


Doors open for breakfast at 6:30 am with the program starting at 7:00 am and concluding by 7:45 am. The Newark Catholic Ensemble will also perform at the breakfast. Please consider joining us by purchasing your ticket at the school office. Tickets must be purchased in advance due to social distancing guidelines and are $15.


This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the many blessings we have been given as a Catholic School and to share the traditions, programs, and practices of our Campus Ministry Program with our community.