Posted on Jan 24, 2020

CCP (College Credit Plus) Student and Parent Meeting

Students interested in learning about CCP need to attend the meeting on Thursday, January 30, at 7 pm in the cafeteria. College Credit Plus is an opportunity to take college courses while in high school for free. Mrs. Robin Galbari will be presenting the options, process to participate, and responsibilities of all students that choose to participate. Students and their parents should attend if they are considering taking Psychology or Composition, or any other college courses next year, including: summer/fall/spring semester, at NC/on campus/online.


It is a state law that you must have a counseling session about CCP in order to participate, and this information program serves as your counseling session. Anyone hoping to participate but unable to attend will need to schedule a makeup session. There will be college representatives attending to answer questions specific to the college program.


Please contact Mrs. Galbari with questions (


Steps to participate:
1) Attend the CCP information meeting.
2) Turn in your CCP Plan to Mrs. Galbari.
3) Apply to the college(s).
4) Include your CCP plans on your scheduling sheet that you turn in to Mrs. Welch.
5) After being accepted, complete your intent to participate and apply for funding through OH|ID. Deadline – April 1.
6) Most courses will require a qualifying ACT score and GPA, or for the student to take an Accuplacer test. This placement test occurs AFTER acceptance and funding.