Posted on Jan 21, 2015

Class on 1/21/15- March for Life Kiddos

Hi guys!

In class on Tuesday we finished reading the “Letter to My Son” on page 558. (This was the text talking about how some people were awkward, and had bad table manners).


We then read “Letter to Her Daughter” by Lady Mary Montagu. This letter focuses on women and their right to an education. You will need to read this on your own. Best_Advice_Writing_Assignment


Both of these letters focuses on advice given from parents to their children. We completed a writing assignment based off of this idea. It is included in this post. You will need to do this because it is for a grade. As homework Tuesday night, you are to read “An Academy for Women” (pages 577-581). If you read & understand, there will not be a quiz. If not, QUIZ! READ!