College visits happen in the fall of each academic career. To see the dates of the visits, please refer to the student’s Naviance homepage. Students who would like to participate in a college visit must RSVP for the visit through Naviance.

A great starting place to begin planning for the college application process is Mrs. Welch’s book “Applying to College“.

Common Questions about the Application Process

What is the common app?

The common app is a site that allows you to apply for college once, and then send this application out to several colleges simultaneously. Go to for more information. There are 729 colleges in the US that use this application process, including 35 colleges in Ohio.

My application asks about weighted and unweighted GPA and rank. What is this?

Newark Catholic uses UNWEIGHTED GPA and class rank. This means we do not add bonus points to the GPA for honors and AP classes. We have chosen this method because most colleges will ask schools to “unweight” their grades when determining admission.

How do I request a transcript?

If you are a current student, use Naviance to request all transcripts. Transcripts are free to current students. You will be able to track its delivery through your Naviance account.
If you are a graduate, please check out our transcript request form. Transcripts cost $5, or $5.50 if you use our convenient form through PayPal.

What does it mean when a college asks for OFFICIAL test scores?

Schools that require OFFICIAL test scores want your ACT and/or SAT results sent directly from the testing company. We automatically send your ACT or SAT scores to the colleges with your transcript, but some would prefer the testing company to send it. Keep in mind when planning for deadlines that it will take at least two weeks for the colleges to receive it after you submit a request for it. There is also a fee with this request.

How do I get my college coursework transcript (CCP cousework) sent on for my applications?

Unfortunately, we cannot send these transcripts for you. Please go to the registrar’s office webpage for each college and put in an official request to have your transcripts sent. There will be a fee, and the sending college may require the request to be mailed to them or delivered in person. Not all colleges allow for online transcript requests.

Do I need to submit letters of recommendation?

It depends. If the college requires it, yes. If the college doesn’t want them, no. If the requirement is optional, then you will need to decide if the college needs a wider picture of you then the one presented on the required application materials. If you are requesting letters, please give 1-2 weeks notice to the recommender, along with a copy of the high school resume, and details regarding how the letter will be submitted (uploaded to common app, mailed in a student-provided, stamped envelope, emailed to a college rep, etc.). The official request needs to be processed through Naviance, but is is recommended that you ask face-to-face first.

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