Posted on Nov 09, 2014

Compare and Contrast Essay, The Princess Bride Novel vs. Movie

Here are the materials (plus one or two) that I used in class on Friday. These might help you in structuring your Compare and Contrast essay, which is due on Wednesday.


The “Apples and Oranges” page


Another very good guide to writing a great Compare & Contrast essay


Side-by-side Graphic


Venn Diagram to compare Novel and Movie


Transition words for Comparison


Transition words to Contrast




Here is a link to the rubric I will use for grading this essay.


REMEMBER: I will not accept paper copies of this essay. They must be emailed to my English Classes gmail address:

Do not paste your document into the email you send! 

The formatting, which is considered in your grade, will go all wonky if you do. You must type your essay as a document in Word, Pages, Google Docs/Drive, etc., save it with your name on it (e.g., “Esmerelda Fluffenstuff Comparative Essay”) and attach it to an email to me. If you’re not sure how to do this, here is a link that I found that walks you through the process: How to Send an Email with an Attachment. While the video is a couple years old and most of your email screens won’t look exactly like this, the basic instructions are the same.