Posted on Dec 13, 2016

Exam Schedule - Regular and Delayed

The link below leads to a summary of our exam schedule as posted, as well as changes that will occur if there are any 2-hour weather delays. If school is cancelled on any of the scheduled days, that day will be made up on January 4. Students return to school on January 3, then we will have the exams that were missed on January 4.


Please note:

  • Any students with exam conflicts should check with the schedule and email their teacher if there are questions or continued conflicts.
  • Students with extended time exams: if there is a delay, please show up at 10:00 am. You will be given a new time schedule with Mrs. Palur, but your subjects for testing that day will stay the same.
  • With a delay, some students may have shortened lunch time of 30 minutes (students that get 90 minutes for their exam). Plan ahead and pack a lunch, or make arrangements that ensure you are on time to your afternoon exams. You cannot be tardy.
  • Note Study Tables – these are opportunities to study and get additional help if needed. Take advantage of the help.