Devani Adam

Algebra I & II, Algebra II/Trig

Ryan Aiello

Director of Student Services, Fitness for Life, Physical Education

Stephanie Backlund

English II & III, Hon English II & III

Shane Ball

Theology I & III, Weight Lifting

Trisha Boehmer

Visual Arts

Kelsey Bogner


Lauren Bogner

Eng 1, Eng 4, AP Eng 4, Yearbook

Christine Bogue

Intervention Specialist

Nancy Bourne

NCHS Foundation, Alumni Relations

Keely Calvert

Counselor, Health, Current Events

Jeff Dodson


Samantha Ferdinand


Leanna Foltz


Sadie Gastineau

Performing Arts, Speech

Chris Grieb

Theology II & IV

Bob Hayden


Josh Hendershot

Head Football Coach

Jessica Hewitt


Emily Matuska

Chemistry I, Advanced Chemistry, Hon Chemistry

Russ Nelson

AMP, Physics, Physics for Robotics, AP Calculus

Erin Noss

Math Apps, Geometry, Hon Geometry, Pre-Calculus

Tom Pickering


Meg O’ Reilly

World & US History, History of Sports

Brooke Riggleman

Director of Advancement, Admissions

Travis Schwab

Athletic Director, Govt & Econ, Leadership & Communications

Jeromy Searls

Physical Science, Honors Biology I, Biology II, Env Sci Global

Rob Smith

Athletic Director

Bob Smith

AMP, Man + Myth, Latin I-IV, Freshman Foundation

Jodi Snider

Bookkeeper, Students Records, EdChoice, Admissions

Julie Snider

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Paul Tiberio

Vice Principal, Speech

Patrice Vincent

Sacred Art of Faith, Spanish I-III

Claudia Wing