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Fiddler on the Roof performed this past weekend

February 3, 2015

Members of NC Drama & Music Department performed “Fiddler on the Roof” this past weekend to a packed house at the Midland Theater.


10447604_327863657419838_9022982225514107211_n 10492015_327863700753167_1463994640270701559_n Students choose to either specialize in acting or production work behind the scenes. Actors are required to audition for every show. Students attend practices every week leading up to opening night and put in close to 12 hours a week. Students working on the production crew help to build sets, run lights, sound and manage what goes on backstage, as well as learn the tricks of the technical trade.


Mr. Dennis Moore has been  the head of the Drama & Music Department at Newark Catholic for nine years. Mr. Moore and many other NC Faculty put in long hours to put on outstanding productions every year.The costumes and set designs are made possible through gracious volunteer and friends of Newark Catholic. Choreography is designed and taught by Dianne Hodge. 


The theater department at Newark Catholic High School has had a rich tradition of quality theatrical productions and has been an inspiration for generations of students since 1958. Newark Catholic students have performed many well-known shows, including “Sound of Music”, Oklahoma, and “Les Miserables”. The first production ever performed by the NC Theater Department was in 1958, which was the Annual Senior Play.