Posted on May 19, 2017

Final Exam Schedule (edited 5/22/2017)

** Edited on 5/22/20147 at 2:48 pm for the baseball team.


Changes to the baseball team exam schedule are highlighted.  They include Health/PE/Fitness, Math, and Art.  This only involves baseball team players and their siblings.  There are no changes to the schedule for students not on the team or a baseball sibling.


Siblings who choose to go to the game do so knowing they may have 4 exams on a day.  YOU MUST LET YOUR TEACHER KNOW ON TUESDAY in person if you are a sibling following the baseball schedule, and you MUST BRING IN A NOTE FROM HOME TO THE OFFICE ON TUESDAY.  


Other students who miss exams to attend the game will receive NO CREDIT for the exam(s) they miss.