Annual Alumni Fund Drive

The mission of the Newark Catholic Alumni Association and Alumni Fund is to preserve and support the traditions of Newark Catholic High School.

  • Build and maintain relationships among its alumni and friends.
  • Provide professional development for faculty.
  • Raise funds for both school and after school programs.
  • Enhance the educational experience of current students.

It is hoped that together we can help to instill, nurture, and satisfy the hunger for learning, knowledge and creativity in all of our students – creating smart, caring, productive and ambitious young adults who are motivated to compete and prepared to excel in the fast paced, competitive world they are about to enter.

NCHS Foundation

The Newark Catholic High School Foundation aims to preserve the Newark Catholic heritage and build its future for the coming generations with your donation today. Its goals include:

  • To invest prudently and only distribute investment income in order to maintain the long term stability of Newark Catholic High School.
  • To keep in mind the need to make tuition more affordable for every student who wishes to attend Newark Catholic.
  • To provide grants to the Newark Catholic High Schools operating budget.
  • To actively involve members of the community either Catholic or non-Catholic, to ensure that an alternative source of education is always available to those who want it.

Thank you for supporting Newark Catholic High School and its students, today and for years to come.