Athletes and Coaches

Jack Bickel Dino Guanciale Shane Montgomery
John Brown Mary Weisgerber Harrington Marty Puckett
Tom Callahan Mike Helfer Cheryl Perozek Reid
Melissa Cochran Beth Hill Walter Reid
Brendan Courtot Lori Kane Jeff Roberts
Bill Franks Rob Kelly Dean Rodenbeck
Bobby Franks Andy Kubik Bob Rogers
Bob Gorius Jim Marquis Jeff Uhlenhake
J.D. Graham Matt Midea Doug Wollenburg
Stephen A. Bailey Chuck Loewendick Jeff Buchanan
Joseph Giles Sarah Clapper Pinson Mark Mesewicz
Kea Peterson Musselman Doug Stevens Jessie Tanner

Award of Merit Inductees

Dr. Gerald Erhard Jack McManus Dan Swickard
Don Fox Jim Paul Don Vernau
Dan Guanciale Charles Riley Frank Walther
Rick Gummer “Link” Roeser Jack Weisent
Jim Kennedy Clair Schell Larry Wilder
Don McKee Elvira Schell Tom Yonker
Tom Vogelmeier Don Jones Mike Massaro
Ken Keck Herb Murphy Gene Cornelius


Nominations are made using the form, updated annually. To nominate any athlete, coach or supporter, please download and complete this form, noting the criteria on page 2 (NOTE: Individuals nominated in prior years should be re-nominated for consideration.)

Completed form may be submitted by e-mail to or by mail to the Newark Catholic Hall of Fame Committee, c/o Nancy Bourne, 1 Green Wave Drive, Newark, OH 43055. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2023.

If you are interested in being a Personal or Corporate sponsor for the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, please contact Clair Schell or Nancy Bourne at (740) 344-3594.