Posted on Nov 29, 2020

Mr. Bob Smith - 2020 Leaders For Learning Award Recipient

Congratulations to Mr. Bob Smith! Mr. Smith was awarded the 2020 Leaders for Learning Award from the Licking County Foundation. He was selected based on his belief that all students can and want to learn. His desire to make a significant difference in the lives of his students, his commitment to professional development, and his outstanding classroom skills and leadership all earned him this prestigious award!


The Leaders for Learning Award was created by the Foundation in 1993 to promote excellence in public education and honor exemplary teachers in our county. Since then, 360 Licking County teachers have been recognized as Leaders for Learning. These awards are supported by the Lindorf-Warner Memorial Donor Advised Fund of the Licking County Foundation. The goals for this program are to:

  • Identify and recognize teachers who exemplify excellence in teaching
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to participate in professional growth activities and to support their classroom activities
  • Encourage teachers from the participating districts to join together to enhance the quality of education in the community