Posted on Aug 31, 2015

NC Robotics Club prepared to take launch

balloonRadio station, WNKO will be doing an interview with Newark Catholic juniors Steven Hitchens and Charlie Wade this Wednesday, Sept 2 at 8:35 regarding Newark Catholic’s Atmospheric Exploration Project (NCAEP). The project is one of the first from the NC Robotics Club.

They are targeting Sept 5-7 to launch a high altitude balloon with a payload of various sensors to an altitude of approximately 115,000 feet. The students had a lot of work leading up to the lauch, some of which included:

Researching similar projects

Creating a parts list with pricing

Searching for funding

Ordering parts from both domestic and international retailers

Designing and testing circuits

Designing a 3D printed special mounting brackets for circuits

Testing sensors and programming over extended time periods

To learn more about the project, turn in to WNKO Wednesday morning or go to their website: