The Newark Catholic Athletic Organization (NCAA) is a group of dedicated and hard working parents, teachers, alumni, and community supporters who help Newark Catholic achieve the unique position of having a self-supported athletic program, not funded by tuition. These members are proud of the student athletes and are dedicated to helping Newark Catholic continue its tradition of excellence in athletics, helping to round out the student experience at NC.

  • President – Mary Harrington
  • Vice President – Kevin Spearman
  • Secretary – Wendy Nance
  • Treasurer – Scot Evans
NCAA Policy For Families Of Athletes

The Newark Catholic Athletic Department has instituted a policy, recommended by the Newark Catholic Athletic Association (NCAA), which requires the family of every athlete participating in a sport to pay a $200.00 participation fee. Money will be due at the initial parent meeting for each sport and, as in the past, will only be $200.00 per family per sports season, regardless of the number of children you have participating. Checks should be made out to the NCAA with the athlete’s name and sport in the Memo line. Checks will be collected by the NCAA team liaison or athletic director.

New this year, families will not be provided with event tickets (i.e. Men’s Stag, Ladies Stag, Green & White Dinner) in trade for the participation fee. Events tickets still can be purchased separately from any NCAA member at a cost of $50.00 per ticket.

This amended policy was entered into with ample discussion among the Newark Catholic Athletic Department and the Newark Catholic Athletic Association Executive Committee and has been done so with the best interests of all student-athletes and families in mind. We will continue to work hard to keep expenses at a minimum for our families while working to provide quality equipment, uniforms, and facilities for our student-athletes. Thank you for your understanding.