Estate Planning

Personal estate planning is the most important planning you can do for yourself, your family, your church and your school.


The objective never seems to vary – leave as much of your estate as you can to the ones you love and as little to the IRS. Over the years, folks who do estate planning usually feel that charitable bequests should be a part of the process. Odds are that you’ve entertained the idea of contributing to or increasing your pledge to the Newark Catholic High School Foundation, only to have second thoughts due to a misconception that only large sums can make a difference.


If you do want to make a difference


If you care about the future of NCHS


If you do want to honor the family name…



To Get Started

Call the Foundation office at 740-344-5671 or email us at We can show you how to make a difference without huge outlays of money, and without letting Uncle Sam have it all.




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