Posted on Aug 24, 2011

New "Classroom Connections" Allows You to Stay Connected

We are introducing a new feature on the Newark Catholic website this year called Classroom Connections.  This allows Teachers to communicate all sorts of information to students and their families using a simple blog format. So far we have 5 teachers using this new feature:  Mr. Nelson, Ms. Perone, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Vohsing, and Mrs. Welch.


You can get to the Classroom Connections home page by using the “Quick Links” on the NC Home page, or by using the Classroom Connections menu item in the Academics menu at the top of each page.



Classroom Connections shows you the Most Recent Posts at the top so that you can easily tell if any new items have been added.  You can click on the post title to view that given post.  You can also scroll down and see a summary for each of the teachers and their classes.


Click on a given class to go view the blog for that class.



Once you’re in the blog section, you’ll see a navigation sidebar on the right that lets you choose to view the blogs of any of the given classes (or teachers).



Click the Classroom Connections logo on top of that right-hand sidebar to return to the Classroom Connections home page.



Use “Classroom Connections” to stay connected and up to date with your Teacher!