Posted on Feb 08, 2021

Ohio EdChoice Expansion Window Open - 2021-2022 Renewal Scholarships

The EdChoice Expansion application window for the 2021-2022 school year is now open and the forms are available here on the ODE EdChoice website. EdChoice Expansion eligibility was recently changed to 250% of federal poverty guidelines. Please review the document below. Please contact Jodi Snider at with questions.


How to Renew

Students who are currently receiving an EdChoice scholarship can renew the scholarship for the following school year as long as they meet the following requirements. Parents of renewal students who meet these requirements must complete the 2021-2022 EdChoice Scholarship Renewal Form and be attending for the following school year.

  1. They take all required assessments for their grade level;
  2. They do not have more than 20 unexcused absences for the school year; and
  3. They do not move out of the school district in which they became eligible.