Posted on Dec 08, 2021

Purchase Tickets for NC Sports Online Only

In order to align with the rest of the Licking County League, Newark Catholic is moving to Hometown Ticketing for all High School home events starting with Winter sports. All ticketing will now be purchased online through our website found here. 


There will be no cash sales at the door. Concessions will remain cash sales.


Super Booster passes will continue to be accepted and do not require electronic scanning/purchase. This will be the only way through the gate that is not electronic.


Anyone interested in purchasing a Super Booster for the winter season may do so by reaching out to Mr. Pickering at or someone in the NCAA.


Super Booster Rates:

Adult Super Booster – 85.00

Super Booster Couple – 150.00

Senior Booster – 50.00

Jr. Wave Booster – 25.00