Posted on Feb 01, 2021

Reminder on Return To Play


In our ever-changing world of Covid, OHSAA has adopted policies through the Ohio Department of Health that must be followed when an athlete recovering from Covid returns to play.  These policies are very similar to the Concussion protocols Return to Play that was put in place several years ago.  The primary concern that has triggered this Return to Play process is the threat of the development of Myocarditis in people recovering from Covid-19.  The following statement from OHSAA helps to summarize the process that must be completed in order to return to play. We WILL use the OHSAA form for Return to Play.


OHSAA Provides School Form for Students Returning to Play from COVID-19

As a reminder, the Ohio Health Director’s Sports Order says that a student-athlete who tests positive for COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, shall not return to sports activities until a documented medical exam is performed clearing the individual prior to the individual returning to participate in practice or games. The exam must specifically include an assessment of the cardiac/heart of high-intensity exercise due to the potential of myocarditis in COVID-19 patients. To assist the membership, the OHSAA has developed a form that schools are welcome to utilize for students who have had the medical exam to verify that the student can or cannot return to practices or games. The OHSAA form is not a requirement, but it is required that a student who has tested positive be evaluated by a physician and cleared in writing before being permitted to return to participation. If a student’s physician is reticent to issue this clearance, please advise parents to seek a second opinion from another physician. This physician is not required to be a cardiologist but could be any qualified physician who is willing to conduct this evaluation. The form is also for use by the student and schools only and is not to be returned to the OHSAA.