Posted on May 27, 2014

Reports Now Have School Year Option

Our service hours program starts the new year on June 1 each year. Near the end of a school year, events and shifts are populated for the coming year, so that parents can sign up for events still in this school year as well as in next school year.


Our online service hours tracking has been enhanced to better show the separation of service hours between one school year and the next. If parents have worked hours both before and after June 1, they’ll start seeing their hours reported appropriately for last year or for this upcoming year.


Also, for some of the Admin reports, you can now request whether to see the report for one school year vs. another (e.g. 2013-2014, or 2014-2015). Of course prior year reports are only valid while all the data is still in the system. Once the graduating students (and their parents) are removed from the database, or once the prior year’s events/shifts/tasks are removed, then the reports can no longer be generated for the prior year.