Office Staff Actions

This spcecial page of the Online Service Tracking System is for Newark Catholic Office Staff use.

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Helping Parents

View the list of Students

Look up a User's account info

Look up which workers are linked to a given student

Request a password reset on behalf of a User

Update the Email address in a User's account

Create an account for a User without computer access

Managing / Updating Recorded Service Hours

Update the number of Hours Worked by a User for a given Shift

Grant service hours credit to a User / Household

Validate (or decline) Service Worked at a recent event

Transfer hours worked by one household to a different household

Taking Action on Logins / Accounts

Approve (or decline) pending new Admin user login requests

Suspend a user's account (for suspected abuse, or just to deactivate)

Reactivate a User Login that is currently suspended or inactive

Change the Account Type (Worker, Event Chair, Office Staff, etc.) of a user

Delete a User Account

Keeping Student Data Current

View the list of Students

Add students into the database

Edit a student's information

Delete a student from the database

End-of-year Cleanup and Misc Other Functions

Create, update, or delete Events, Shifts, and/or Tasks (one-at-a-time)

Create, update, or delete many recurring Shifts at once (batch mode)

Delete a range of Event Shifts, with optional Event delete (e.g. year-end clean up)

Delete Graduates: Remove all students who have graduated

Delete Parents: Remove all parent accounts that have no students in their household

Detailed service report for every household, for printing and sending home

Run an Audit Report (w/ optional emails sent) showing parents with low hours