Service Hours Admin Pages

This section of the website is intended for Service Hours back-end admin users, such as:

  • Event Chairpersons
  • Office Staff
  • Authorized Admin Guests, such as board members
  • Webmaster

All of these have permission to view and print reports. There are unique permissions granted to the Event Chairpersons, Office Staff, and Webmaster for their unique roles.


To get to the Service Hours main home page that parents see when they log in, click on the Parents Service Hours Home menu item on the right.

System Dashboard
Wed, May 31, 2023 10:55 pm
Workers / Households
    222 worker users
    182 households with accounts
         (223 households fully signed up)
    200 households without accounts
    382 total households

Hours Signed Up
    60736 Past hours   (12090 Past tasks)
    290 Future hours   (46 Future tasks)
    61032 Total hours   (12136 Total tasks)

System Totals
    76446 Past hours   (15691 Past tasks)
    335 Future hours   (53 Future tasks)
    76787 Total hours   (15744 Total tasks)
Recent Activity
    0 new worker users
    110 hours signed up   (17 tasks)
    5 worker logins

    0 new worker users
    0 hours signed up   (0 tasks)
    1 worker logins

    1 new worker users
    110 hours signed up   (17 tasks)
    14 worker logins

    4 new worker users
    199 hours signed up   (31 tasks)
    41 worker logins