Posted on Apr 08, 2013

Tom Lusk Matching Challenge Grant


The Building Our Future campaign will receive funds up to $75,000 from the Newark Catholic Foundation for every dollar donated or pledged in Tom Lusk’s name. The BOF committee will use this money to build the new Guidance Center. When the project is completed, it will be named “The Tom Lusk Guidance Center.” As of May 1, 2013, we have received $14,000! 

Everyone who has been a student, parent, grandparent, teacher, coach or faculty member at Newark Catholic as been helped by Tom Lusk in some way. Whether it was his smile when he said “Good Morning,” his sincere interest in your wellbeing, or when he helped you as a parent or student to make college more affordable, he was always there to make sure you were alright.


With this “gift” from Tom, we can all repay him for the many gifts he gave us. You can show your thanks to Tom Lusk, and his family, by donating money in his name for the good of the school he loved. Any amount is acceptable and will be matched by the NC Foundation. We will accept gifts and pledges with a two (2) year maximum on pledges. We can accept monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual pledges. We can automatically deduct your pledge from your account or place it on a credit card (Mastercard & Visa only).


Please take a few moments to reflect on your relationship with Mr. Lusk. Then discern how much you can donate to help build the new Guidance Wing in his honor. It’s not often we get a chance to say “Thank You” to someone who positively affected our lives in such a grand way. Everyone who makes a donation or pledge will be honored in the new Guidance Center along with the man who honored each of us with his patience, diligence and love for everyone looking to better themselves.






Tom Lusk receives award from Bishop Campbell for 40 years of teaching