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Anansi Readings


Coyote Readings


Misc. Trickster_Readings




Anansi – PDF

  • Anansi and the Ear of Corn (West Africa) – PM 159-161
  • Anansi Tries to Steal All the Wisdom in the World
  • Anansi And The Turtle
  • Anansi And The Witch
  • Anansi: How Stories Came to Earth
  • Anansi and the Gub-Gub Peas
  • Anansi and the Rope
  • Anansi and the Firefly

Coyote – PDF

  • Coyote and the Bluebird (Pima)
  • Coyote and the Monsters of the Bitterroot Valley (Flathead/Salish)
  • Coyote Kills a Giant (Dine/Navajo)
  • Coyote vs. Duck
  • Coyote: Fire Race (Karuk)
  • Coyote’s Adventures in Idaho

Maui – (Polynesia) PM 111-113


Loki (Norse)

  • Golden Apples – PDF
  • Giant’s Bride – PDF
  • How Thor Got His Hammer – PDF

Prometheus (Greek) – PM 114-115

Hermes (Greek) –PDF

  • Hermes & Apollo’s Cows (Greek)
  • Hermes, Slayer Of Argos, Monster Of 100 Eyes (Greek)
  • Hermes & The Creation Of Pandora (Greek)
  • Hermes & Baby Heracles (Greek)

Nasreddin Hodja (Turkey) – PDF


Uncle Remus (Brer Rabbit) – PDF


Raven Finds the First Men (Haida) – PDF




Of the Tricksters we read which one was your favorite? Why? Which one did you like the least? Why? When have you been a Trickster? Explain the situation. When have you been tricked? Explain the situation. What was the Trickster’s motive and what were your feelings/reactions afterwards?


Animal Tricksters Journal

Anansi and Coyote are both described in animal forms. What impact does that have on the story instead of having them be human? Why are those two particular animals appropriate as tricksters? What other animals would make good Trickster characters? What do we learn about the two main cultures (West African & Native American) by reading these stories?