Posted on May 04, 2014

Version 2.0 Includes Many New Features for Office Staff and Event Chairpersons

The Newark Catholic Service Hours System was upgraded to version 2.0 on May 3, 2014.


This new version includes many new features, as outlined below.


General New Features:

  • New “Service Calendar” on the parents service hours home page — Highlights in Yellow those dates that have shifts still needing workers. Mouse over that given date and see the list of shifts pop up. Click on a shift to get taken directly to that shift with the option to sign up.
  • A news blog for Parents Service News and a separate one for Admin Service News, which can be useful for communicating information specific to the Service Hours System to parents or admin users
  • Household accounts are now linked to all students in that household, not just the oldest. This also makes it easier to transition the household automatically when an older sibling graduates.
  • Household detailed reports will clearly separate the service hours for the current school year, from those for the coming school year
  • Admin reports more carefully include shifts for the current school year only, excluding data from prior school years or an upcoming school year that may already have shifts created
  • New admin report of the last login times (can be sorted by user name, or by last login times)


New features for Event Chairpersons:

  • Create new events, shifts, tasks, etc, with a batch-mode option for setting up a whole new school year’s set. Handy for Bingo and Cafeteria, for example, which have repetitive shifts throughout the year.
  • Create and update events/shifts/tasks in one-at-a-time mode, to change an Event’s info, add a new shift, remove a shift, change worker counts, times, etc. Handy for setting up Summer Festival and Auction, as well as making updates to single shifts for Bingo and Cafeteria.
  • Can select which user of type “event chair” should be the designated contact person shown for a given event


New features for Office Staff:

  • View the list of students that can now be sorted either alphabetically or by graduation year, with the total shown at the bottom
  • View the User Account Info that now shows the account type (worker, event chair, office, or admin other) and the date and time of last login by that user
  • Update the email address on file for a given user, which is needed occasionally to help a parent perform a password reset when they’re unable to log in, if there’s a typo or a change in their address on file
  • Validate worker hours, in addition to Event Chairs
  • Update the user’s account type (e.g. to convert from a worker to an event chair)
  • Add new students via an Excel spreadsheet (e.g. over the summer, in prep for a new year)
  • Update a student’s information in the database
  • Remove all the graduated students at once (over the summer, in prep for a new year), with an option to keep specific students in the list if required
  • Remove all the parents at once who no longer have students in the school (over the summer, in prep for a new year), with an option to keep specific parents in the list if required
  • Delete past Events from the database (over the summer, in prep for a new year)
  • Create and update new Events, Shifts, and Tasks in the database (same tools as Event Chairs)
  • Print out a detailed report for every household (e.g. if there was a need to view or send home a report for every household)