Posted on Aug 31, 2012

Weekly Reminder

Schedule for the week of September 3 – 7, 2012 No practice or meetings until after 3:15 pm on Mondays! 1. PAC Membership – if interested please email ASAP 2. Do I have all your opening day forms you need to submit? 3. Do I have your course syllabus and requested course information? First Quarter Duties Morning Parking Lot Duty Trish Boehmer 7:40 – 7:57 am Morning Cafeteria Duty Don Schaefer and Tess Wigginton 7:35 – 7:55 am Afternoon Parking Lot Duty Greg Wolfe and Matt Schmelzer 2:55 – 3:15 pm Monday: Sleep In! Tuesday: ELIGIBILITY DUE by NOON Wednesday: 9 am Building Meeting in Chapel area, Study Table 3 pm in the cafeteria = Thanks Russ! Central District Athletic Board (CDAB) Meeting – I am out at 1:30 pm Thursday: Catholic Times at NC for pictures and interviews – be happy!! Golfers dismissed at 2:30 pm – please see list below Friday: Jeans Day $1.00 United Way, NCAA Officer Mtg in my office 8 am, NCAA Golf Outing 1 pm Next Week: September 10 – 14 Homecoming Week! Monday: Feeder Principals’ Mtg – I am out noon – 2 pm, C-Tec Theology Class 3 – 4 pm in Room 104, NCAA Meeting in Media Center 7:30 pm Tuesday: ELIGIBILITY DUE by NOON, 9:30 am Guidance Dept. Meeting in my office Wednesday: 9 am Building Meeting in Chapel area, Study Table 3 pm in the cafeteria = Thanks Russ! 11 am Homecoming Mass with Father Wilson, OHSAA Board of Directors’ Meeting – I am out at noon Thursday: OHSAA Board of Directors’ Meeting – I am out all day Friday: Assembly Bell Schedule #3 with 2 pm Pep Rally, Senior BBQ periods 7and 8 details to follow Saturday: Homecoming Dance 8 – 11 pm ***Would you help chaperone, please?*** Reminders: Please begin every class with a prayer, use agendas, be IN classrooms by 7:45 am until 3:15 pm, mark tardies consistently, and finally, please check dresscode every class. Technology secured nightly, please turn off computers and machinery! Students are not to be excused during class to work on other projects. If they are in study hall, the teacher requesting the student must write a note to the study hall proctor. NO student should be unsupervised in a classroom. AM Tardies, Dress Code, Hall Passes, P4 and 5 NO passes, no snacks/drinks in rooms, LOCK WINDOWS nightly, NO GUM, Water Bottles are permitted. Please post as much information as possible on Progress Book concerning assignments and due dates. Parents rely on this tool to help their student with study and class preparation so your efforts are appreciated. Thanks!! Lesson Plans – please have them in Progress Book by the Monday of the start of each week – thanks! Thanks for all you do and have a good week! Golfers who need to be dismissed Thursday Sept. 6th at 2:30: David Meurer, Sean Thomas, Will Nodo, Caleb Ohl, Patrick Carlisle, Billy Wollenburg, Madison Arnold, Jacob Capretta, Dylan Byers, Ryan Simi, Killian May, and Jake Evans