Posted on Dec 11, 2019

Winter Exams, December 18-20, 2019

The exams schedules are shown below by day, and the procedures for exams are posted below the schedule.









EXAM PROCEDURES                                                                                               

  1. Each exam counts for 20% of the semester grade, and 10% of the final grade. The 4-point grading scale based on the letter grade is used for calculation (NOT the percentages). 
  2. In order to pass a full year course in which an exam is given, the student must pass at least one of the following: the second semester exam OR the average of the third and fourth quarters.
  3. It is the student’s responsibility to know the exam schedule and be present at the proper times. (Posted above).  Except in the case of illness, missed exam time may not be made up.
  4. Students must check the posted exam schedule for scheduling conflicts. If a conflict occurs, the student must see the subject teacher in advance of exams beginning to resolve the conflict.
  5. If a student is ill during exams, the family must follow normal call-in procedures. When the student returns to school, it is his/her responsibility to schedule a make-up time with the teacher.  This must be done immediately.
  6. Students must remain in the classroom until the end of testing. Students should bring materials to study after they have finished the exam.
  7. Students needing a place to wait for their exam time and/or to study are to report to the cafeteria or they may leave the grounds. Students may not congregate on NC property other than to study in the cafeteria quietly.  Locker rooms are off limits, and hallway lockers may not be accessed during exam periods.  Quiet must be maintained in the halls during testing.
  8. The student is responsible to return all texts and equipment prior to testing. EXAMS MAY NOT BE GIVEN to a student until materials are returned or their value has been paid to the office.
  9. Students are allowed to wear jeans (no cargo styles), sport shirts, sweats, and athletic shoes on exam days. Shirts are to have no offensive or suggestive writing on them.  No torn or cut clothing is permitted.  Hats are to be removed, and kept at the front of the room with other personal items, including cellphones.  Students violating these expectations will be sent home to change, and exams (or parts of exams) missed due to dress code will not be made up.  Please use good taste and common sense.
  10. Hot lunch and snack bar services are not available on exam days. Students remaining at school need to bring a brown bag lunch.  Food will be permitted in the cafeteria only.
  11. All detentions must be served by the last day of the semester. If not, the student will not be given the privilege of “open campus,” and he/she must remain at school to serve the detention time.
  12. Busing will occur at standard times during exam days.