Students At Newark Catholic Are Expected To Take A Rigorous Schedule Of College Preparatory Courses

There are some things to consider as you prepare for the future. Please note: Much of this information below is copied from the Academic Handbook or the Parent-Student Handbook. Please use those documents as the official policy in case there are any discrepancies in the information below.

  • Newark Catholic Requirements
  • Ohio Requirements
  • Honors Diploma
  • National Honor Society
  • Athletic Eligibility

Newark Catholic Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of 24 credits is required for graduation.

Theology 4 units Health ½ unit
English 4 units Physical Ed ½ unit (2 semesters)
Mathematics 4 units Freshman Foundations ½ unit
Science 3 units Fine Arts 1 unit
Social Studies 3 units Electives 3½ units

Ohio’s New Graduation Requirements

Beginning with the Class of 2023, Ohio’s graduation requirements have changed. Visit ODE to see what it takes to graduate in Ohio.

  • Satisfy state and school credit requirements (24 credits for NCHS), AND
  • Earn a passing score in Algebra I and ELA II End-of-course exams, AND
  • Earn 2 diploma seals.

Please take a look HERE for requirements for the Graduation for the Class of 2023 and beyond (specific to NC).

Honors Diploma

This diploma includes criteria set by the State of Ohio. A student who earns an Honors Diploma satisfies at least 7 of the 8 listed criteria:

  1. English – 4 units
  2. Mathematics – 4 units (beginning with Algebra 1)
  3. Science – 4 units, including 2 advanced science credits (Chemistry, Physics, Biology 2, Environmental Science)
  4. Social Studies – 4 units
  5. World Language – 3 units (3 of one language, or 2 each of 2 languages)
  6. Fine Arts – 1 units
  7. GPA 3.5 or greater
  8. ACT 27 or greater

Please take a look HERE for requirements for the Graduation for the Class of 2023 and beyond (specific to NC).

National Honor Society

Students are eligible to apply for membership to the Newark Catholic Chapter of the National Honor Society in the fall of their junior year. If they do not satisfy all of the requirements of the club, students can reapply the fall of their senior year. Selection is based on the 4 pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

Please refer to our National Honor Society page for more information

Athletic Eligibility

A student is ineligible to participate in his/her sport if any of the following occur:

  • 2 “unsatisfactory” reports from teachers (either both in conduct or both in academics), or an in-school or out-of-school suspension; student is unable to participate from Tuesday to Tuesday.
  • A GPA less than 1.900 or a failure of more than one academic course for a grading period will force an ineligibility for the following grading period.