State Testing Is The Testing That Is Required For Graduation

As part of the graduation requirements, students are required to participate in the EOC tests and an administration of a college admissions test. The EOCs are offered in the spring of each year during a calendar-specific window set by the state. Any students enrolled in the courses being tested will participate. The required college admission test (ACT) will be administered during the spring of the junior year during the school day at Newark Catholic.

Retesting will be offered during the first full week of December to sophomores (who scored a 1 or 2 on any subject last year) and to any upperclassmen who have been notified that they need additional points.

Useful online resources for additional study and preparation can be found below. Students who will be retesting are strongly encouraged to review and practice. Mrs. Palur has a Khan academy classroom for Algebra and Geometry. Once a student contacts her for the class code, areas of weakness from previous testing will be reviewed and like topics will be assigned for the student to study.

Mrs. Bogue also provides study tables on after school from 3:00-3:30 (dates to be posted), no appointment needed. Study tables are for all students to have a quiet place for homework completion, test preparation and receive additional help (if needed). Athletes are excused from practice to attend study tables and a pass will be provided to the coach.

  • Vocabulary And Acronyms
  • Eoc Subjects With Resources
  • Scoring
  • ACT
  • Graduating

Vocabulary And Acronyms

To have an understanding of the state testing, it is important to know all of the vocabulary and acronyms involved.

  1. EOY/EOC – End-of-Year/End-of-Course.
  2. AIR – American Institutes for Research; an organization responsible for developing and administering assessments.
  3. ELA – English Language Arts
  4. Testing Window – a specific group of dates assigned by the State of Ohio that allows students to test. Generally, spring testing occurs during the first three weeks of April, fall testing occurs during the first two weeks of December.
  5. ACT – American College Test.

Eoc Subjects With Resources

English Language Arts

ELA I (9th grade)

ELA II (10th grade)


Algebra 1 (8th or 9th grade)

Geometry (9th or 10th grade)

Social Studies

American History (formerly grade 9, now grade 11)

American Government (10th grade)


Biology (9th or 10th grade)


To have an understanding of the state testing, it is important to know all of the vocabulary and acronyms involved.

  • Tests are scored on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).
  • To graduate, students are required to accumulate a minimum of 18 points on 7 tests, that include the following conditions:
    • 6 points on science and social studies combined
    • 4 points in math
    • 4 points in ELA


Newark Catholic is using the ACT as it’s alternate pathway to graduation. Students using this pathway need to score a minimum of 18 in English, 22 in Math, and 22 in Reading. Students take this test at Newark Catholic in the Spring of their Junior year. It is highly recommended that students take advantage of Naviance’s test prep in order to be fully prepared for this test. Students can see Mrs. Welch for assistance in logging into Naviance.


In order to graduate, students from Newark Catholic must:

  1. Earn at least 24 credits, and
  2. Take the EOC tests and the ACT assessment, and
  3. Satisfy one of the following:
    • Earn 18 points on the EOC tests, or
    • Earn a remediation-free score (18 in English, 22 in math, 22 in reading) on a national college admissions test (ACT), or
    • Earn a technical credential and a passing score on the WorkKeys test.