School Advisory Board

Catholic school advisory boards exist to advise Catholic educators in providing academic and religious programs for students. Advisory boards are canonically advisory in nature, advisory to the superintendent and principal on the diocesan level.

The Newark Catholic High School Advisory Board is composed of the pastors of the area feeder school parishes whose students attend the high school and appointed members as outlined in the bylaws; the principal acts as the executive secretary of the advisory board. The superintendent serves as the representative of the bishop on all high school advisory boards.

The NC advisory board strives to perform all of the following roles in service to the mission of the school:

  • Advise: in areas in which the principal requests advice, feedback, and information.
  • Policymaking: assist in the development of local policies and procedures when a Diocesan policy does not exist.
  • Committees: form and participate in committee service that extends the administration’s abilities and supports the mission of the school.

As outlined in diocesan policy, school advisory boards have no role in:

  • hiring, firing, or evaluating faculty and staff
  • making or changing school regulations
  • student discipline or any issue relating to students and/or families
  • budget approval
  • authorizing capital expenditures
  • selecting textbooks or deciding other specifics of the educational program

    Current Newark Catholic High School advisory board bylaws were approved by the superintendent through a comprehensive process before implementation and are filed with the Office of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Columbus.
Newark Catholic High School School Advisory Board

Members Presently Serving

Eric Barbour, President Kristen Rothweiler, Vice President
Carrie Lepi Alicia Staneart
Greg Hitchens Colleen Wendt
Julie Bailey
Rev. David Sizemore, Rev. Stephen Smith, Rev. Tony Lonzo Feeder School Parish Pastors
Judge Tom Marcelain NC Finance, Foundation
Mrs. Emily Matuska Faculty Representative
Mrs. Jodi Snider NC Finance
Mr. Thomas Pickering Principal & Executive Secretary of School Advisory Board
Mrs. Stephanie Paul-Tiberio Vice Principal for Academics
Dr. Adam Dufault Superintendent, Diocese of Columbus, Office of Catholic Schools