Newark Catholic Advising And Student Services Departments

The Newark Catholic Advising and Student Services Departments are dedicated to serving the academic, personal, and post high school needs of the students.

The school counselor is available to discuss scheduling, academic planning, college preparation, and personal challenges. Students are encouraged to take time to check in frequently with all support staff.

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  • Guidance Nights
  • Steps To Success
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Counseling Office Contacts

Newark Catholic High School - Josh Hendershot - Dean of Students, Health/Wellness, Physical Education

Josh Hendershot (Dean of Students, Health/Wellness, Physical Education)
(740) 344-3594

Newark Catholic High School - Keely Calvert - Guidance Counselor & Social Studies

Keely Calvert (Guidance Counselor & Social Studies)
(740) 344-3594 ext. 223

Newark Catholic High School - Christine Bogue - Intervention Specialist

Christine Bogue (Intervention Specialist)
(740) 344-3594

Guidance Nights

For more information about Guidance Nights, please contact:
Keely Calvert
(740) 344-3594 ext. 223

Senior Info Night


7:00 – 8:30 pm

Surviving Senior Year, College Search and Applications, Naviance, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Creating Academic and Personal Success, Graduation Requirements

Junior Info Night


6:00 – 7:00 pm

College Search, Naviance, Preparations for Senior Year, ACT and SAT Testing, Developing the student’s high school resume, Creating Academic and Personal Success

Sophomore Info Night


6:00 – 7:00 pm

End-of-Course State Testing, Completing requirements for graduation and Honors Diploma, ACT and SAT Testing, Creating Academic and Personal Success

Freshman Info Night


7:00 – 7:45 pm

Creating Academic and Personal Success, Graduation Requirements, Courses Available and Scheduling throughout the four years

Steps To Success

  1. Decide Who You Want To Be And Set Goals:
    It will be a shame if during your senior year you decide to take your classes seriously. Instead, set goals for yourself from the beginning of high school and hold yourself accountable. Your grades will affect your college admission, your auto insurance rates, current and future employment, and other opportunities.
  2. Get To Know Your Teachers And Your Counselor:
    They will provide the details of how to be successful, and the better you know them the easier it will be to discuss challenges and concerns.
  3. Check Progressbook Frequently:
    If you are missing work, turn it in. If your grade has slipped, ask the teacher what can be done to improve.
  4. Take Control Of High School:
    Know the requirements for athletic eligibility, graduation requirements, GPA, class rank. Know when things are due and turn them in on time!
  5. Ask For Help:
    If you are struggling, ask the teacher for assistance. Other assistance can be found by attending Study Tables on Wednesday after school, peer tutoring, or adult tutors. Use your free time throughout the day wisely.
  6. Start Planning For Your Future Now:
    You do not need to know what you are going to do for the rest of your life in high school, but you should begin narrowing down your options. Take advantage of talking to people in fields that you are interested in pursuing. This will help inform your choices when selecting courses and colleges.

Documents To Download

Applications Book 2020

A 40-page document helping you prepare for college application season.

Recommendation Request Form

Document to present to your teacher providing important information for them to focus on when writing your recommendation.

USDA Income Eligibility Guidelines

Families who qualify under the free-reduced lunch program can qualify for fee waivers for ACT, SAT, AP Testing, College Applications, etc. Contact Mr. Aiello if you feel you will qualify. Your tax information will need to be reviewed to verify eligibility, and this is a confidential process.