Athletics Slide: Rich Athletics Tradition

Athletics Slide: Rich Athletics Tradition

Rich Athletics Tradition


Our student athletes develop their talents in a program rich in tradition and championships.


Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Hard work.

Supportive community.


Newark Catholic athletics enrich our students’ school experience and provide a lifetime of memories.


Athletics Slide:  Teammates Achieving Together

Athletics Slide: Teammates Achieving Together

Teammates Achieving Together


Our student athletes develop strong bonds with their teammates, encouraging and pushing each other to be their very best.


Hard work. Bonding with teammates. Achieving success together.


Newark Catholic student athletes create memories that last a lifetime.



Athletics Slide:  Stretching to Achieve Goals

Athletics Slide: Stretching to Achieve Goals

Stretching to Achieve Goals


Our student athletes take great pride in pushing themselves to achieve things beyond what others may think is possible.


Hard work. Pride. Sense of accomplishment.


Newark Catholic athletics provides an

environment for student athletes to grow,

develop, and achieve.



Athletics Slide:  Tradition of Championships

Athletics Slide: Tradition of Championships

Tradition of Championships


Our teams have built a tradition of state championships across many sports.

26 teams and 6 individual/events so far.


Football. Baseball. Volleyball. Wrestling.

Track & Field, Girls Basketball.


Who will be next? Be a part of it!


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Athletics Slide:  Camaraderie.  Support.

Athletics Slide: Camaraderie. Support.

Camaraderie. Support.


Our students encourage each other across sports teams and the broader Newark Catholic family provides passionate support, dedication, and work for our students and programs.


Passion. Encouragement. Family.


Newark Catholic athletes treasure the support of teammates, friends, family, and community.



Latest Scores

Conference opponents shown in bold
Girls Basketball, Varsity
Win    47-30
2-0 (1-0)
Wed, Dec 5    Lakewood
Girls Basketball, JV
Win    37-27
Wed, Dec 5    Lakewood
Boys Basketball, JV
Win    56-43
Mon, Dec 3    Crooksville
Boys Basketball, Varsity
Loss    64-58
Mon, Dec 3    Crooksville
Girls Basketball, Varsity
Win    55-16
Thu, Nov 29    Cristo Rey
Volleyball, Varsity
Win    25-12, 25-22, 25-16
Franks 4 Aces, Basham 14 Kills, Keck 7 Kills, Brown 7 Kills, Brown 3 Blocks, Langenbrunner 20 Assists, Bell 9 Assists, Keck 14 Digs, Smith 13 Digs
Tue, Oct 23    North Union - District Semifinals
Football, JV
Loss    13-0
Sat, Oct 20    Heath
Volleyball, Varsity
Win    25-10, 25-9, 25-5
Sat, Oct 20    Amanda Clearcreek - Sectional Final
Football, Varsity
Loss    24-20
Fri, Oct 19    @ Heath
Volleyball, Varsity
Win    25-5, 25-6, 25-7
Basham 5 Aces, Franks 4 Aces, Basham 9 Kills, Keck 8 Kills, Brown 7 Kills, Langenbrunner 18 Assists, Bell 13 Assists, Keck 10 Digs
Wed, Oct 17    Grandview Heights - Sectional Semifinal
Football, JV
Loss    42-7
Sat, Oct 13    @ Licking Valley
Football, Varsity
Loss    35-0
Jr. Waves Night - Recognizing our teams from the lower grades for the Fall.
Fri, Oct 12    Licking Valley
Volleyball, Varsity
Win    25-12, 25-17, 25-16
Basham 17 Kills, Keck 4 Blocks, Langenbrunner 18 Assists, Bell 7 Assists
Thu, Oct 11    Utica
Volleyball, JV
Tue, Oct 9    @ Heath
Volleyball, Varsity
Win    25-18, 25-14, 25-18
Basham 19 Kills, Keck 10 Kills, Basham 6 Blocks, Brown 3 Blocks, Keck 3 Blocks, Langenbrunner 19 Assists, Bell 11 Assists, Basham 10 Digs, Keck 8 Digs
Tue, Oct 9    @ Heath
Volleyball, JV
Mon, Oct 8    Granville
Volleyball, Varsity
Loss    25-15, 22-25, 29-27, 23-25, 12-15
Basham 19 Kills, Keck 13 Kills, Keck 5 Blocks, Langenbrunner 25 Assists, Bell 14 Assists, Basham 14 Digs
Mon, Oct 8    Granville
Football, JV
Loss    20-6
Sat, Oct 6    Johnstown
Football, Varsity
Loss    34-0
Fri, Oct 5    @ Johnstown
Volleyball, Varsity
Win    25-9, 25-16, 25-16
Basham 9 Kills, Brown 9 Kills, Keck 9 Kills, Bell 13 Assists, Langenbrunner 14 Assists, Basham 16 Digs, Keck 12 Digs
Thu, Oct 4    Licking Heights



Newark Catholic offers a full range of boys and girls teams: