Posted on Mar 02, 2015

Search a Day

Search a Day Lessons


Using the Search a Day Answer Sheet, enter the current dates for each week.  Save file to your drive with the file name LASTNAME_MONDAYDATE.  Find an answer to each daily question.  Enter the answer into the Answer Sheet and give an explanation or a screen shot to demonstrate how you found the answer.



M 5/4 – If you had a pound of quarters and your friend traded you a pound of dimes, who would have the more valuable trade?


T 5/5 – What color is the fire hydrant directly across the street from 415 Main Street W in Menahga, MN?  On which lake is this house located?  


W 5/6 – How would you find a picture of a red iPhone 6 case?


R 5/7 – You just heard that a Canadian man received a medal for having fought a polar bear. How would you find the recent news story for more details?


F 5/8 – Being interested in polar bears, you decide to watch a video of them, or even better a live zoo cam. How would you find that?  



M 4/20 – Who wrote in the New York Times – “Sometimes, playing with a net really does improve the game.”?


T 4/21 – You need to find a video showing the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington, but Youtube is blocked so you need another website. Screenshot your search?


W 4/22 – How many times does the word “HOME” appear in Homer’s Odyssey as translated by Alexander Pope?  


R 4/23 – You are trying to find a comic book. You remember it had the word ‘Odyssey’ in the title and the cover was light blue. How would you search for it?


F 4/24 – If you stacked $1 bills equal to your height, how much money would you have?



M 4/13 – When is sunset today in Anaheim, CA?


T 4/14 – You have a Simplicity brand tractor and the v-belt broke so you need a new one. The part number is 1666698, but you want to know the length of the belt. What is it?


W 4/15 – This Swiss mathematician and physicist would have celebrated his 308th birthday today if he didn’t die on September 18, 1783, in St. Petersburg. Name him.


R 4/16 – You really like the music by the singer Fish and would like to expand your music library. Screen-shot your search results for what “People also search for” when searching Fish.


F 4/17 – You forgot your little sister’s birthday is today and need to buy a present. Where can you find a Razor Kick Scooter nearby and in stock? What is the current price?



M 4/6 – While on vacation, you saw a bird along the beach and took its picture.  Use your search tools to find out what type of bird it is.


T 4/7 – How many times does the word “baroness” appear in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas (Rook Press Edition)?


W 4/8 – What product is protected by US Patent 5123123?


R 4/9 – Your friend just bought a Samsung Galaxy s6 with a blue cover and posted an image of it within the past 24 hours. Since she didn’t give you a link, how would you find the picture? (screenshot what search would you use even if you can’t find an actual picture)


F 4/10 – How would you search for current information (such as terminal and gate and scheduled times) for a United Airlines (UA) flight 3479 that travels between Columbus and Chicago using as few keystrokes as possible?




M 3/16 – You are feeling very sure of yourself and want to start a website called, but realize it is already taken. Find out when the domain registration expires AND the Registration Organization. 


T 3/17 – You are planning to take a vacation to Cusco, Peru and want to know what to pack. What are the forecasted temperatures there for the next week?


W 3/18 – What is the difference between a philatelist and a numismatist?  


R 3/19 – You check your caller ID and find the number 415-753-2653.  Use Google search tools to identify the name of the city AND business from which the call came.


F 3/20 – You tasted hush puppies while in the south and wanted to learn more about them. Each time you search you keep getting information about the shoe brand. What key terms would you type in the search bar to learn more, but avoid the shoes?



M 3/9 – This nation’s flag is the only national flag that is not the same shape as every other nation. Which country is it?


T 3/10 – You need to find a picture of a school of green fish for a PowerPoint presentation. Screen-shot your search and results page.


W 3/11 – What is the current value of stock for Sears (SHLD)? Be sure to mark the current date and time you checked the value in your answer. 


R 3/12 – Although she knows the equations, Caitlin does not have the patience to do the math.  How would you use Google to help her to convert 750 F to Celsius and Kelvin?


F 3/13 – If your friend who speaks Dutch asked you: Wanneer is de eerste dag van de zomer?, what would you reply as an answer in English?



M 3/2 – Located on Chestnut Street, this building was the location of the Second Continental Congress. Name the building and list which year this building was opened.


T 3/3 – For whom is the carbon molecule (C60) named since the structure resembles the geodesic dome he designed?


W 3/4 – Your friend said his new girlfriend is a lepidopterist. Should you be worried? What exactly does she do?


R 3/5 – What is the name and address of the restaurant by David Burke in Manhattan? It has something to do with fish.


F 3/6 – What condition does a person have who suffers Aphenphosmphobia?