Posted on Aug 28, 2012

Service Hours Update: 2013 Touch of Class Auction Added

Thank you to everyone who is making use of our new Service Hours Online Tool this year.  We are pleased with the participation and the positive benefits so far this year. 


If you haven’t signed up for your hours yet, or haven’t created your account, there is still time.  Do it soon while you still have a choice in hours to work.



The 2013 Touch of Class Auction has just been added to the database.  This event has 334 workers needed to be signed up.  You can go in and sign up to work your favorite shifts and tasks now.


A few stats of interest from the participation thus far in the Service Hours Online Tool:

  • New service hours tool went online on June 3  (just under 3 months ago)
  • There are 205 worker users who have created accounts
  • Those users represent 168 different households  (some households have multiple accounts)
  • 4,786 service hours have been signed up  (1,204 tasks/shifts have been signed up)
  • 58 households have all their required hours signed up
  • 93 households have at least 25 hours signed up so far

Thank you to everyone who is actively using our new Service Hours Online Tool. 


We believe things are going smoothly, but if you run into issues or have questions, please contact the school office.